The Center region has diversified
landscapes, mountainous and plateaus in
the east and coastal plains and beaches in the west. The highest elevation of the country is located in Serra da Estrela mountain, a beautiful National and Reserve Park. There are also historic villages, fortified and populated through centuries to defend the territory and strategically placed next to the Spanish border.

The main cities are very distinct, each one

with its cultural and historical particularities. Castelo Branco (peculiar architecture,
Templar Castle, 15th-century doors, and churches), Fatima (one of the most spectacular religious sanctuaries in the world), Obidos (fortified city with its white houses adorned
with bougainvilleas and honeysuckles),
Batalha (developed alongside its 14th-century monumental Monastery), Aveiro (the "Portuguese Venice") and Coimbra ( a historic city with a 13th-century University, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the oldest in Europe).