The birthplace of Portugal occurred in the  North region in the 12th century. The upper region of the country presents a rich culture with
old traditions, fascinating medieval villages, historic castles, scenic
parks and mountain ranges. It's also the home of the Douro valley
region, famous for its gastronomy and Porto wine, known as the
oldest demarcated wine region in the world and named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Through a landscape of terraced vineyards and
grand estates, the Douro River extends all the way from the Spanish border through the charming city of Porto. 

Porto, the capital of North and the 2nd largest Portuguese city, was considered the best European Destination in 2012, among 20 candidate cities. Its streets and houses are filled with history, magnificent   monuments and interesting museums, a booming and cosmopolitan downtown area with an intense nightlife, lovely
parks and gardens, fashion stores of national and international designers and traditional and gourmet restaurants.
Other relevant cities are the enchanting Viana do Castelo, the medieval Guimaraes, the walled citadel of Braganca and the "sanctuary" city of Braga.

Lisbon, Portugal
""The San Francisco of Europe"